Ask yourself below questions before moving ahead to guest post for Hritwikas:

  • Do I love to share my knowledge with everyone?

We encourage everyone to share knowledge. Because it’s not possible to gather every knowledge by one person but if we start sharing our knowledge with everyone then we can learn more about lots of topics.

  • Is my piece is informational, educational and entertaining?

We encourage positive posts that inspire people and educate them at the same. Does your article inspire, educate and entertain them?

  • Is my headline catchy enough?

Every article gets attention due to the headline. We encourage you to write great headlines that capture audience’s imagination and let them click on it to read more. At the same time, your headline should fulfill its promise without being fluffy or sensational. We strongly encourage you to read this article about the reasons behind headline fails and read this article to learn how to write catchy headlines. Written by Neil Patel on his blog.

  • Does my first paragraph create a powerful opening?

First paragraphs make the first impression. Does your paragraph clearly set the tone for the rest of the article? Does it arouse interest and glue the reader to read more?

  • Am I showing actionable advice?

By writing, you are showing. A great article provides actionable advice that reader can understand and implement. Make your advice so clear, succinct and actionable that anybody can follow it and get value out of it.


Here are few pointers to keep in mind when writing for Hritwikas.

  1. Write in your own voice.

Have your own personality show up in your writing. People like to read from a real person. By vulnerable and be yourself.

  1. Keep it clear and prompt.

Always it’s not possible to make your article short. Cut down unnecessary part from your post and keep the flavor of it intact. Give the strong point of view, discussion, examples, experience or case studies.

  1. Simple English!

Use English that a 5th grader can understand. Our motto is to share knowledge among everyone. So here are many types of English skills peoples. Make sure it’s easy for everyone to understand your ideas. Avoid using technical words and replace them with simpler synonyms. Simplicity always wins.

  1. Show us your sources. 

Please include a link to all sources that you mention in your statistics or study. Peer-reviewed scientific papers, academic journals, and/or credible news outlets are the best way to validate any claim you are making in your article.

Are you ready to create and submit your content? Please move ahead to Guest Post page for more.