1. How can Hritwikas help me in SEO?

Hritwikas can support your website’s traffic and deals by positioning your site in the top ten SERP of Google. Once if you can higher rank in SERP,  you will begin to receive more web traffic and more clients. We can help you arrive by building DA 20 to DA100 back-links for you.

2. I don’t have the time or enough SEO experience to handle SEO crusade. Can you help me?

Yes, we can help you. You can contact Pallab or Anindita to get any of our administration.

3. What amount of will it cost me to get in the Top 10 of Google?

Indeed, that relies on upon your site position, Competitor’s position in your specialty, it can be anything from $40 every month to whatever.

4. To what extent does it take to get in the top ten on Google SERP?

All things considered, that relies on upon your site position, Competitor’s position in your specialty, and a vital number of links that you have to get keeping in mind the end goal to outrank your rivals.

5. I am occupied with Link Building. Can you help me?

Yes, beyond any doubt. Simply contact with Pallab or Anindita. That individual will guide you through the procedure.

6. How my links will look like?

Your links will be hyperlinked in the article with anchor text so it looks natural with your guests Furthermore the open links can’t bother your visitors and looks unethical.

7. Why do links built by Hritwikas helps site rankings on Google quicker than regular connections?

Links from Hritwikas support site rankings on Google more viable than general links in light of the fact that:

  • We have the biggest stock in the business.
  • 100% of our links are encompassed with your substance.
  • 100% of our links are set physically which makes them look normal to everybody.
  • We never use any black-hat techniques to boost SEO value.

8. Is it mandatory for bloggers to post every day?

Nope, we didn’t bind our bloggers in a time-frame. You can submit blogs as frequently as you like to.

9. Is it mandatory to include a picture in my post?

It is not mandatory to add a picture to your blog post, but it’s better to use colorful pictures and interesting attractive titles. When your post seems creative and informative then it will help you to capture viewers eye.

10. Can I add videos in my blog post?

Currently not. We want that bloggers who wish to add a video in their blog post to hyperlink in the article of the video from YouTube or other video sites.

11. Can I use Hritwikas for promotion?

Well, it truly depends. Bloggers can in a roundabout way advance their organizations, on the off chance that it is with regards to keen dialog and additional data. How we don’t permit coordinate sales, official statements, or spamming in the blog as well as remark parts of the blog page. Material or potentially accounts accepted to damage this reprobation might be expelled uncertainly.

12. How do I change or delete my blog post Title, Web Address and/or anything in my post?

Please check your full article and information’s carefully before you send the email because it is not possible to change or delete the information you entered in your post. But Hritwikas’s holds all required permission to change or delete any information, article, images, videos or anything you entered in your blog post. You can request for the change in the same thread of email if its possible then we will contact you. But once your post is published we will not delete any post from Hritwikas.

13. How much it costs to guest post in Hritwikas?

We are providing the free guest post. So there are no fees to get live in Hritwikas. If anyone takes money to post then please contact us for the free post here in Hritwikas.