How To Survive, Boost Your Blog By Simple Guaranteed Way In 2018

From the beginning of online marketing, everyone is trying to get the top position and for that, they are endlessly struggling. Now it’s being a competition on which everyone is involved. But sometimes we have to purify our approach, offer and have to add lots of positive value and reduce negative effects. When it comes to Content of a blog post then I want to ask

A blog contains a lot of posts and when it comes to Content of a blog post then I want to ask everyone a question:

Will an uninformative post help your viewer or reader? Will it helps your blog to grow?

I will suggest you that don’t publish your content only to fill your blog. Add as much information you can put into it so the content can have value and also can help your readers in its purpose.

Well, I believe SEO and blogging are the fields where everyone is learner because these fields change every short time a little. I am also a learner and have gathered some knowledge which I want to share with everyone. They also help me in a way.

Proven Topic

When it comes to a blog the first thing is its Topic. It’s better to have your specific passion and your blog topics are same. Because you will be more dedicated, and informative from those who write any topic only to gain traffic.

Your blog topic must focus on a particular niche and they are also proven to drive results.

If the topic of your post is in trends then you will get the better result than ever. Not sure how to do this? Okay, let’s see:

Firstly you have to go to Google Trends. Now you can check for the trends or check your topic trend metrics.  Check the below image to understand easily where to do what.

Google Trends
Google Trends

I am going to describe the process with an example. Let’s assume I am searching the term “Content Marketing Strategies”.

Google trend check 1.jpg
Google Trends Keyword Check: “Content Marketing Strategies”

You can also search the same keyword in Google to see already posted article titles.

Google search check 1.jpg
SERP of The Keyword In Google: “Content Marketing Strategies”

To check your post topic popularity then you can do this at BuzzSumo. It will show you information about social shares of the post. If you can write about the hot topic then you can get more search traffic and your blog may be a hot one.

Proven Headline

Without a good headline, no one opens your post from search results, and if no one opens your post, no one clicks your call to action, also your post ends with loss of search traffic.

Not only selecting a proven topic can make your blog hot because there are many good posts are live with the same topic. That’s why you need a proven headline.

I think everyone knows Drayton Bird, who is a British marketing expert and public speaker.He is one of the most experienced people in the digital marketing world. As per his suggestion, we should be spent 80% of the time to make a catchy headline and remaining 20% to write the article.

David Mackenzie Ogilvy CBE was an advertising tycoon, founder of Ogilvy & Mather, and known as the father of advertising. He found that of everyone who reads a headline, only 20% read the copy. Pareto’s Principle at work.

There is also a tool called CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer which will help you to get rid of this.


Just paste your title at the given place and click on “Analyze now”. As you scroll down you will get the more detailed result like below images.



This tool not only shows ranking but also give you some

You can use another tool called Free Headline Generator. This tool is user-friendly and

Free Headline Generator.jpg
Free Headline Generator

useful to create catchy headlines. You just need to input some information asked in the text boxes where required pieces of information are well described and hit “Generate Headlines” button. After that, a result page will be shown there. You can get many catchy headlines from there.

Give your effort and do a little struggle to create a catchy headline so that it can attract valuable search traffic.

Post Formatting

In a successful post, there are many elements. Among them post title and topic attract web traffic where post format feels them good or exhaust.

Make your post format in a way so that your post can get below effects:

  • Easily scannable your thought
  • Easily readable your effort of writing
  • Highlight key points in your subheadlines
  • Write in smaller and easy to understand sentences
  • Use bullet points and other segmentation to break up total text
  • Use images, charts to describe
  • Show examples.
  • Cover your complete topic from every possibility.

Guest Post

Till now the guest post is the best strategy to build your blog’s good reputation and also to build audiences. It also helps you to post various informative and different good topics. So offer other bloggers to guest post in your blog. When reputated bloggers post proven topics on your blog it will ideally build your blog’s reputation. the experts will also link with their blog through the post which is good for both blogs to boost their SEO a bit.

Featured Image

After you create a catchy headline and an awesome informative article, its time for the design of your blog’s post.

As per I Want Clarity “Content is King, but beauty is Queen”.

If you can make your blog visually beautiful it will help your posts to shine as they are all good if you have used previous tips.

The first thing your visitor will see is your Featured Image and Excerpt Text in SERP or in social shares. So, If you use a relevant informative Featured image and a catchy excerpt text along with a proven headline will help you to get more search traffic.

Note: Rectangular images perform better than other forms. It fits better everywhere.


Pin-worthy images are those images which stand out on other visual sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc. To make your viewers click your images, it should be impressive and it should increase curiosity level of them.

You can find them from stock sites like Pixabay. But if you can make such image with your creativity then that will be best, in this case, Canva can help you a lot.


If you want to make your blog in the different and innovative way then you can use infographics in your blog instead of writing up texts.

People love infographics because it’s easy to understand and also have to read fewer texts which are time-saving also.

Infographics add valuable data with visuals in a way which has every quality of engagement.

Now the question is what kind of infographic should you create?

Obviously, it will be your industry related and something around data, case studies, FAQ, Question and answers of them, or other metrics.

To do this you need to:

  • Gather data:  Statista can help you in this.
  • Make Image: Canva will help you to do this.

If you think you are facing problem creating infographics then the option of hiring a freelancer or company is always open.

Post Count

Once you follow previous points then your blog can have many successful and proven topic posts.

But there is another factor which is Stability. If you want to make your blog stable then you have to post more often. You have to decide this.

In this, one of the posts of Forbes (written by Jayson DeMers) will help you out. From that post we can learn that:

  • Regular readers – Posting once a week will keep regular readers happy. But more frequent post results better. Don’t compromise quality to post frequently.
  • SEO – Blogs that produce 16 posts or more every month have better SEO traffic than those who don’t post as often.
  • News and updates – How quickly do people need to know about changes in your industry or to your product or service?
  • Competition – How often do your competitors post? You want to match the pace as best as you can.
  • Budget and resources – Publishing more often will mean more time and energy for your blog.

Well, you know better than anyone about your effort, budget and also what your readers want from you. But if you are not sure about those then you have to find and outsource the process.

Engage with readers

Readers usually ask their query, gives their suggestions, views in your blog’s comment section. If you reply them then they will also engage in your blog.

Attention to your readers

Focus on your readers, not on experts. If you focus on experts then you have to create highest level content which is more complex and time-consuming to create. But if you focus on beginners then you can reduce the level which can save your time. But don’t compromise with the quality of your content. Beginners level bloggers are actual readers.

Know your readers

There are different types of readers, each one wants different knowledge or information from blogs. So, you have to know your readers that what they want from your blog. In another way, you can say that how your blog is useful to your readers and how can they use it. If you know the answer then give your effort on that.

Call to Action

Create a two-way path in your blog so communication between you and your reader is good. Let them know that you care for them. Ask them for their thoughts, feedback, point of view or topic they want to know.

Use Links

Use links in your blog, it will help you in two way.

Readers will get more knowledge or pieces of information from this links. In the other hand, Links are still now a factor in SEO.

Article length

According to some experts, no-one read long tail articles so write short articles.

But I prefer longtail articles. I think if you can create an informative, engaging and proven article then readers will read the article. Because they are here to learn something and they know that they have to read the article if they need to know. But for that, you have to break your article into many parts so that they can skip if some part if they are feeling bored and go for next section.

Quotes and Facts

Include quotes and facts in your article. Quotes will inspire your readers where facts will also encourage them. If your article has these two things it will run faster among your readers.

Social Media

At this time of internet age, every people spend some of their time in social media. I suggest you take advantage of social media. Because the main source of virtual traffic or reader comes from social media like Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, and others. You can also try Bloglovin. So, share every single post of your blog in social media.Benifits-of-SMM

To make the sharing process easy, you can install relevant plugin on your blog so that it can share your new posts on social media easily and automatically.


If you are writing the article on your own then write it only when you are feeling motivated to write it. Don’t write it to just finish writing or frequently publishing articles in your blog.

Widgets and Features

When it’s about widgets and features you have to very careful. There are many widgets and features available in the stock, also you can buy much more for your blog. But before adding any widgets and features think carefully that if it helps your blog or not. If you use too many widgets and features then your reader’s experience can be compromised which will lead you to loss of readers.

Educate yourself

When you start your blogging journey and get some readers that means you are teaching or leading your readers. To educate your reader you also have to be educated. I am not telling about academics, but about the topic reflects by your blog.

I am also curious to know about your favorite strategy to boost and run your blog successfully. Feel free to comment if I forgot anything or you have noticed any more point. If you want you can also read some vital updates on Google SEO trends or Content or Link: Which one you want to create first in 2018 or Are You Confused About Creating A Company Or Personal Blog? Don’t forget to give us your valuable comment and also share our post if you like our effort. One share just needs some clicks.


Let us know your valuable thought.

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