Long-Term Negative Effects Of Living In A Technology-Filled World

In the present day, we live in a high technology developed world. The development in the field of technology has influenced every field of our life. Our personal, professional, social, public, and academic life is influenced by technology. It is very hard for modern people to spend a day without using technology. Mobile phones, computers, laptops, iPad, Internet, etc. are some of the common examples of technology growth. Most of the people cannot live their lives without Mobile phones, computers, laptops, iPad, Internet, etc. technology helps people to connect with each other even if they are too far and also it helps people to explore their lives in its peak.


Technology is used in every field including business, education, medicine, sports, and even in the kitchen. Every coin has both sides and therefore, technology has its own negative sides along with its positive aspects. Today, people are too much depended on technology and depending too much on technology can result in many health-related issues. Our social, psychological, physical and ecological health can be distressing if we don’t control using technology. It is very important for people to be aware of long-term negative sides of using technology excessively in our lives. Being alert of the damaging sides of the overuse of technology will aid you to evade any needless drawbacks.
You may know the positive and useful sides of technology.


Do you know negative effects of living in a technology filled world?

Here is a look at some of the long-term negative effects of living in a technology filled world:

One of the long-term negative effects of living in a technology filled world is isolation. People love to live in a technology formed the world and not in an original world. So, they will lose contact with real life people and they love to make contact with people that they see online or social media sites. In the technology filled world, people will not have contact with people in the workplace, with friends and will it show any interest in social activities. They try to segregate themselves by roaming around their own world. If you become isolated, there is always a chance for you to become depressed, lead to losing friendships and even make you a sick person.



One of the main issues faced by the people around the world is obesity. The number of people who are becoming overweight or obesity is increasing day by day. Technology is the main reason for people to develop into obesity. With the development of technology, people don’t spend time for doing exercise and it leads to obesity amid people. People regardless of age love to spend much of their time in front of tablets, television, mobile phones, and computers. They love playing video games, online chatting and going through social media sites.  Lack of physical activities can cause obesity.


Some of the reports have shown that technology can lead people too depressed life. If you use technology excessively, the chances are high for you to experience depression. Technology can result in lack of contact with each other, inactive lifestyle and overeating which is a great sign of depression. When you live an isolated life because of technology, you will find that life is a waste and there is nothing to enjoy in life which can eventually lead you to depression.

No Communication


Another long-term negative effect of living in a technology filled world is lack of communication. If people love technology more than any other things, they start to isolate themselves from social life. When they isolate from social life, they will lose contact with others. Communication is a very important thing in our social, professional and personal life. You need to talk with your family members, friends, children, wife, office mates, neighbors, etc. lack of communication is the main problem that shows the way to many divorces and family issues.

Poor Sleeping

Poor sleeping is a crucial negative effect of living in a technology filled the world. People will develop a poor sleeping habit when they start to use mobile phones, computers or TV excessively. People especially younger generation spends hours during the night to chat with their online friends and also to see videos including porn videos without sleeping. Your brain needs relaxation or rest during the night and if you don’t give your brain sufficient rest during the night, you will experience some severe health related issues sooner or later.

Less value for family

Modern generation gives more value to their mobile phones, computers, laptops or any other technology than their family life. They never try to find some quality time to spend with their family members. They love to spend much of their time to connect with their online or social media friends. Many of the social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, etc. are useful for people to maintain the relationship with friends electronically but it denies the chance of people to spend some quality time with their family member virtually or in real life.

Inactive and Uncreative


Technology makes people inactive and uncreative. People will lose their creativity when they are presented with all information through technology.  Today, technology has started to do the tasks of human beings and people have no chance to show their creativity. People can get all the details, data, information and materials from online which makes them lazier in their life. They don’t try to think themselves and they go for ideas available on the web.

Other Important Points

Technological advancements took place in order to make humans life easier. Without a doubt, the social, professional, academic and personal lives of people have become so easy because of the growth of technology. But, it also presents many long-term negative effects on human life. It can affect one’s ability to make friends in social life, take responsibility, show etiquette, employ well-mannered language, manage emotions and anger and increase understanding for others.

Here are some other important points to be noted:

  • Pollution
  • Hurt in the development of social skills
  • Health related issues like cancer, neck pain, sleep disorder, eye issues, headaches, etc.
  • Poor lifestyle habits
  • Increased bullying
  • Lack of privacy and personal information theft
  • Higher level of trickery
  • Distorted sense of reality
  • Stress in every walk of life
  • Lack of social restrictions
  • Lack of sexual limitations
  • Lack of social bonds
  • Regular distraction and lack of concentration

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