Content Or Link: Which One You Want To Create First in 2018?

As the year unfolds, you may have realized some major improvement in SEO on your blog or site which is good. But if you haven’t, perhaps it’s time to rethink your SEO strategy for 2018 so that you can improve your page’s ranking and make it easier for customers to find you online.

For marketers, the debate has been going on, which one comes first: Contents or Links? Seems to me, Egg and Chicken, which comes first? The question seems funny but the effect of them is noticeable.

It’s a FAQ and there is no doubt that for your website to succeed you need both. A good link strategy will direct a lot of readers to your site, and quality content will grow and attract your audience while increasing your conversion rate also.

But what you think about content and links, which one comes first?

Most bloggers know that it takes a lot to build tons of links and at the same time create quality content especially when you’re starting out. In reality, you need to do them together, but what if it’s becomes hard to do so.

It’s the middle of 2017 and to stay ahead in SEO war, we have to think and make the SEO strategy from now for 2018. In this section, we are going to discuss some insights that will help you to take your decision and at the same time improve your own strategies.

Opinion 1: Content first

Everyone says that content is king and therefore it should come first that’s why we have professional content writing services. Good content is valuable and it has some advantages.

  • Content provides value

When you start off your site with heavy link building, you will have nothing to present and no one will link to your site. But if you create quality content, you will give people a reason to visit your site and they will share your site with others.

Of course, people love content. In this case really amazing content that provides value and helpful to them. If you provide such content, you will be a long way ahead in creating a successful site.

  • Content help to improve page ranking

If you really want to improve your page’ ranking, you need to focus on quality content. Remember search engines give priority to a website with more content pages. More content means you have a high chance to include more keywords within your website to help it rank on the first page of Google.

So, if you spend your time writing unique and helpful content for your site, it can turn out to be resourceful to other websites. When other website owners read your content, they may link back to your content and search engines will start recognizing that your content is valuable. This will help improve your overall page ranking.

  • Content help to target a lot of keywords

Content is important, especially for SEO. It allows businesses to target different keywords. Don’t forget to target keywords that are being searched by your customers. The Google Keyword Planner is a great tool to look for relevant keywords.

Remember to include some long-tailed keywords in your site. For instance, instead of searching for “shoes”, you should include “Converse all-star white men’s.” This makes sure that people searching for this specific term will be directed to your site.

Opinion 2: Links first

Another group of experts says that links should come first since they give an audience. But it has some advantages too.


  • Content alone is not good with no audience

Website writers can write hundreds of content for websites or blogs. But this content is useless if no one is reading it. Remember, your audience is what brings life to your content and links can help you build an audience. With the right backlinks in your content, your site will be viewed by thousands of people all over the world. So, publishing plain content on your site does not guarantees that you will get a huge audience. But content and links will get you there.

  • Links help to strengthen your entire domain

As highlighted before, content can help you with page ranking, but links will help you strengthen the entire domain. When you link to external sites with high-quality resources, your site may affect how Google recognizes your domain authority and relevance. This is because Google wants to make it easier for the users to find the right information they need always.

So, when you add high-quality external links back to your site, users will click on them and access helpful content thus making the search easier and favorable. Then, Google will improve your page ranking since your site has been viewed by most people means it contains more valuable content.

But be cautious when using external links. If you choose to use quality external links you will have more positive results, but if you are not careful you may link back to spammy content. And this can earn you a Google penalty especially for these poor quality links. So, do your research and link to the right websites. For content, you can look for services to help with the process.

Case study 1: Servando Silva

Many of us don’t know Servando, but he had done an incredible job with backlinks. He runs Stream SEO, a popular blog that focuses on SEO and links.

He decided to conduct an experiment on backlinks. He selected a niche and built about 15,000 backlinks in a month. He has used some black hat SEO techniques to build these backlinks (Never do that).

The result is that Servando created a great site and managed to get 100 to 500 visitors per day, which is not bad. He was successfully ranking for several long-tail keywords and thousands of customers were flocking his site every day.

At last, he ended up with collapsing his website. But if he had created quality content and included those links using white hat techniques, then he may have a popular website now. Servando’s story shows that you need to be careful when starting out with link building alone.

Case study 2: Brian Clark of Copyblogger

Once Brian was like many of us. He then just takes adds of others in his blog. But after some time, he stopped absence on his blog of $200/month. While others were doing their regular practice. But after some time he changed the process of the blog world. He figured out 3 step method together and BOOM. Then he writes two blog posts and a free report on his new site Copyblogger at 2006. One of the two posts is “Copywriting 101” which became one of the best content and till now it’s at the first position.

Copywriting 101
SERP of the keyword “Copywriting 101”

Still now Copyblogger gets traffic & links from this post. Shocking:  Copyblogger doesn’t use sales team and advertising to grow. They grow only for content.


The topic is now clear. Ideally, you need both content and links to rank in SEO. But if you need to pick one of them then you should start with content. It is described as the pillar for every successful marketing campaign.

If you don’t have outstanding content in your site, you will not go far. Consumers are no longer influenced by TV commercials that just convince them to purchase a product just because of several features. But people are wise and recognize the value of quality content. They never want to see spammy ads but they believe in brands they can connect with.

So, as a blogger or website owner, which one will be your first priority: Content or Link?

There are many ways of SEO, don’t waste your time on black hat techniques. I have already published another article about Whitehat SEO hacks for 2017, check this out for lots of easy steps for your website or blog.

Well, please don’t forget to give me your valuable comment and also share my post if you like my effort. One share just needs some clicks.


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