Google VS Toxic Comments


Google VS Toxic Comments


Imagine that on a news site you are in a conversation with others about a news. There are also a lot of users in the comment section. Suddenly someone has insulted you or calls you in nasty name or accused you. Then what will you do? Well, maximum of us will leave that conversation. Those toxic comments are irritating because those comments will divert the conversation topic. Maximum of internet users have experienced those types of Toxic Comments.

Well, this problem looks simple but this is a top most problem for big websites and also for news or magazine websites because they want user engagement on their website. They receive thousands of comments, they have to sort those comments which will cost them lots of money, time and labor. Because of this many websites have closed their comment section. They also contacted Google to solve this problem.

Google’s first preference is Visitors. Google don’t tolerate any issue about user experience. That’s why Google has developed many algorithms. Some of Google Algorithms are:

  • Hummingbird.
  • Pigeon Update.
  • Mobile-Friendly Update.
  • Payday Update.
  • Panda Update.
  • Pirate Update.
  • EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update.
  • Penguin Update.

Google and Jigsaw are in early stage of a technology and they named it Perspective, it uses machine learning to help identify toxic comments. They also arrange API, publishers—including members of the Digital News Initiative—and platforms can access this technology and use it for their sites.

In simple word, Perspective will review the comments and give them a score. Scoring is based on the previous marked toxic comments by various users. Perspective examined a huge number of comments which are labeled by human reviewers as toxic. Each time Perspective finds new examples of potentially toxic comments, or is provided with corrections from users, it can get better at scoring future comments.

Perspective facilitates publishers to select options to take the result from it for their moderators or they can view results for their viewers to show them the impact or the toxicity of their comments.


Well, I think that Perspective will help internet users to keep our virtual world toxic free. We can learn or teach here freely. What do you think? Feel free to share your thought in our comment section.


Let us know your valuable thought.

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