Unstoppable Whitehat SEO Hacks 2017


Before starting my article, I want to say something for the beginners of our SEO struggles. If you feel bored by this para, then please move to “List of Contents”. SEO is an essential process of every people in this virtual world. It helps to get more and more online relevant traffic. Like everything in our world cost something, SEO also cost something. Which are: Patience, Intelligence, Time, Hard work, and Knowledge. If you think I will tell a magic which can rank your site instantly, Then I am very sorry, there isn’t such way. You have to struggle for it as everyone do for SEO.

Search engine optimization impacts like MAGIC, yet SEO isn’t a MAGIC.

When we prepare for SEO, we will face with Search Engine’s Algorithm. There are more than 250 factors which are responsible for SEO ranking. It’s not possible to elaborate everyone here so I will discuss with some of them.

Google is smarter than before and also going to more smart in future.

List of contents:

  1. TLD of your Domain
  2. Page Title
  3. Post Title
  4. High-Quality Content
  5. Meta Tag
  6. Image Alt Tag
  7. Link Structure
  8. Interlink
  9. Page speed
  10. Mobile Friendliness
  11. Other Factors

TLD of your Domain: TLD = Top-Level Domain. It is the last part of website’s URL. E.g. .edu .com .ca .biz .in .de etc. You can find many other TLD from here. TLD is the most important for SEO ranking. Let’s think that you have .in (India) TLD then it will help to rank you in India not for globally. So, I prefer for .com TLD to rank Globally.

Well, you can use this trick as a hack. If you want to rank in a specific country, then rank the sites containing TLD of that country in its URL. If you want to rank in Brazil, then make the link with .br sites as much as you can.

Page Title: First thing of a website is Page Title. Start your page title with targeted keyword. It must be 40 to 70 character in length.

There are two types of web pages:

           >> Home Page: Your home page title must include some keyword describing your website and website name.

           >> Post or normal posts: Each and every page title must be unique among the website and also shortly describes the page content.

Post Title: Post title is one of the main things in SEO. Always use eye catching post title to attract traffic and also to share your post. Why? Okay, I am giving you an example.

How to increase blog traffic” & “How to promote your blog Boost blog organic traffic

Above there is two post title. Both are catchy but 2nd one is more eye catchy and specific. Ask yourself which one you want to read first?

High-Quality Content: Everyone knows that Content is the king. But content should be High-Quality, Unique, never be published, and should follow page title. You should also keep in mind below points:

       >> Use formatting as per your link. like- underline, bold, italics, H1, H2 and H5 etc.

       >> Avoid mistakes like spelling, grammar.

       >> Must use related internal links.

       >> Insert suggestion, advice at the end of your post.

       >> Never leave Broken Links, always check and update it.

       >> Write your article in a way that you are talking with the visitor.

Meta Tag & Meta Data: Meta Tag is the information about your website shown in the search result. So, when a searcher searches and found your website in SERP, he judges your website by your Title and Meta Tag. In HTML coding, it remains between <head> tag. Add your focused keyword in it Meta Tag & Meta Data.

             >> Title Meta Data: Title metadata shows your post title at the top of browser’s window.

             >> Description Meta Tag: Description Meta Tag is very important because it is shown in the search result.

When you write those, write in a way so searcher’s curiosity level increase in a way, he/she hit your page link. Keep this unique in your site otherwise, it will downgrade your SEO.

Image Alt Tag: Search engines can’t understand an image content. Alt Tag is the description about the Image so it’s very important to understand your image’s content by any search engine. Always give proper Alt tag for your every image. It is also displayed when we hover on the image.

Link Structure: Now I am going to tell you about Link factor in SEO. Well everyone knows that our virtual world is depending on links. Without a link, we can’t move on the internet. So, it’s one of the most important and main factors in SEO. Each and everything on the internet has its own permanent link. We have control over permanent links. Never make those links by random digits or alphabets.

Always make permanent links with the day, date, category, article title, contributor name, keyword etc.

To make it easy for you I have included some bad and good example below.

Bad links:



Good links:




The main point is making a link as a way so that user or search engine can understand the content of the page by reading the page link.

Interlink: Now we are in the next most important factor in SEO which is Interlink. For this, you have to create the hyperlink between the pages of your website or blog. This is important because if you create interlinks then your visitor will learn about another content and have a chance to spend more time on your site or blog. But for this you have to remember following things:

             >> The two post you are linking should be related to each other.

             >> Use proper Keyword or anchor tags for interlinking your pages.

             >> Add maximum 4 interlinks in one post.

Page speed: Just think that you want to visit a web page and when you try to open that, it is showing loading page for about two minutes. I know one word will come out from your mind- “what the hell is going on?” Am I right?

Just like you our visitors thinks the same about our page if it takes long to load. So, we have to make our web pages in a way it can load faster. To check your page loading speed, you can use Google Page Speed Service, it will also give you some recommendations about the performance of your page.

Another tool you can use is http://www.webpagetest.org/ this service will analyze your page speed and gives you the result. You can select many locations for the test. The result of the test will tell you the component which is responsible for slow loading. After that remove the components from your page by editing that page.

Mobile Friendliness: It’s now 2017. Most internet users use mobile devices to browse and search. Most of your visitors will also open your website from the mobile device. You have to keep an eye in this to increase your SEO value & also to keep your all visitors. Why? Because Google also made mobile friendliness as a factor in SEO. Visitors also love your website if it loads in mobile easily. Keep the below things in your mind:

  • Make your website responsive. Responsive design is loved by everyone.
  • Test your website in different mobile browsers.
  • If possible then make an app for your website.

Other Factors: There are a lot of numbers of other factors which are responsible for ranking your website. I am trying to cover them shortly as much as possible in this article.

             >> Write and publish the high-quality article as much as you can.

             >> Write a longer post, it will help to increase your SEO.

             >> Give information in your post as much as you can.

             >> Add keyword in your heading tag, it will help you to increase SEO by sending strong On-page SEO signal.

             >> Make Readability test of your article at https://readable.io to make your article easy to understand by everyone.

             >> Use your keyword in the URL to make it easy for search engines to understand your content.

             >> To increase KWD (Key Word Density), add your main Keyword in Sub-headings.

             >> Add targeted keywords in the alt tag of your images.

             >> Always add outbound links in your article.

             >> Add keyword in the first paragraph of your article. This is the keyword by which you want to increase organic traffic.

             >> Keyword Density is important for SEO but too much is harmful so use it in the proper way.

             >> If you are writing an article on the same topic you have written before, then do not use the previously used focus keyword in the new article.

             >> List blog post usually get more traffic, so use this type of post.

             >> Maintain a timeframe for publishing article for the readers who loves to read your post.

             >> Controversial writing will increase the activity of your readers and traffic of your blog.

             >> Use more and appropriate images in your post.

             >> Update your content regularly.

             >> Better quality outbound links mean lots of SEO value.

             >> Don’t mistake in grammar and spelling, Google and visitors both don’t love those errors.

             >> Add additional things on your website, it is also loved by google. E.g. Currency Calculator.

             >> Add multimedia in your article like images, video, audio, slide show, Rich Snippets.

             >> Number of relevant outbound and internal links helps to increase SEO value. But don’t make it the maximum or a huge number of them in a single article.

             >> Quality of outbound and internal links helps to increase SEO and traffic.

             >> Correct all of the links which are broken or have errors in it.

             >> Make your content useful for readers by giving more and more information in it so it is enough to answer your visitor’s query.

             >> Like everyone Google also loves to show new contents rather than old ones. But if you update your page regularly then they will love to show old ones.

             >> Use bullets and numbers, everyone loves this type of contents.

             >> Enable breadcrumbs to your website, every string is also mentioned by Google in search results.

             >> Categorize all of the pages of your website.

             >> Minimize the number of affiliate links in your website as much as you can.

             >> Having lots of HTML errors can rank you down because Search Engines sees it as low-quality pages.

             >> Always use user-friendly layout to increase your SEO value and also to increase traffic.

             >> If you want to continue your business and increase SEO value then stay in one domain rather than changing it because of Domain Age matters in Ranking.

             >> If your main domain or sub-domain name starts with your targeted keyword then it helps a lot to rank than other names.

             >> Time length of registration also matters, so if you plan for a long time then register your domain for as long as you can.

             >> If your domain history is good then it will help to increase your SEO and also increase the reputation of your domain. Means don’t do anything which can scratch your domain’s reputation.

             >> If your registered IP address is found in any spammy activities then it will affect your domain.

             >> If your website doesn’t have value then it will be in hitlist of Google and decrease its value.

             >> If your website’s contact us page shows the same information as WhoIs, then you will get a bonus point.

             >> Websites having a good number of customers are loved by Google.

             >> Every good review is valuable for your SEO so get as much as you can.

             >> Use Google Analytic and Webmaster Tools to stay updated about important data of your website.

             >> Keep your site navigation properly. If visitors lost on your site, then they will simply close your site tab.

             >> If your page contains a YouTube video then it will play the critical role in SERPs.

             >> Make your own privacy policy page because Google loves it.

             >> SSL Certificates have a ranking signal which is announced by Google officially.

             >> Location of the server is also important because Google has concentrated on local SEO.

             >> Don’t take too much time for maintaining your website, it will downgrade your SEO.

             >> Sitemap helps search engines to crawl, so install sitemap.

             >> Higher number of pages contains more information. Scrawl bots take sites containing the lower number of pages as bad websites because they usually have low information. So, if you want to get more SEO value then add more page containing valuable contents in your website.

             >> Always add links from the sites which have higher value, good reputation, more trust value, having same category, aged domain, well written & high-quality content. This will increase your SEO, Trust value and reputation also.

             >> Link with huge contents rather than tiny ones. A 2500-word article link will perform better than a 250-word article link.

             >> Don’t include too much outbound links in your article. It should be according to your post.

             >> It is correct that No-follow links don’t flow PR juices. But I prefer it because it is most helpful when search engine makes your website’s natural and un-natural profile.

             >> Words are the most important in anything. “Sponsored Links” and “Recommended Links” these types of words decrease link value while increase search traffic.

             >> If you link to a web page which is in the same SERP and higher rank than you will help you to increase your rank effectively.

             >> Keep social share buttons on your website and include yourself in social share to get more social traffic.

             >> Get links from .edu or .gov Domains as much as you can.

             >> Increase number of links from other c-class IPs to get better breadth for sites linking in.

             >> Contextual links are important than other links.

             >> For Google SEO internal link anchor text has the positive signal.

             >> Keep your link at the starting of your content, it will help you to rank.


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