Sure Shot Way To Spot Fake Profiles


Beware of masked persons.

It’s 2017 and over *46.1% (estimate for 1st July 2016) of the world population has an internet connection today. It’s like 3,424,971,237 out of 7,432,663,275 people. We generally use the internet for our schools, colleges studies or office works. We also use the internet for our entertainment. We watch movies, listen to music, play games and much more. There are thousands of Social Media websites where most of the internet users have a profile. Now there are also many fake profiles there and we can find those types of profiles in any social media. Unfortunately, we often think those profiles are real and we get contact with them. In return, we get many types of loss e.g.: economically, emotionally, privacy etc. Almost every social media has a reporting system by which we can tell that social media about that fake profile. So first we must track those fake profiles and report them.

Now my question is: Do you know that how to track fake profiles?

Many of us know that. But my question was, DO YOU KNOW?

Well, if you know then it’s very good. Come ahead and report them to stop illegal activities in Social Media and make the internet clean.

If you don’t know to track, identify or spot those fake profiles then don’t worry. I’m here to let you know about some awesome and sure shot way to spot fake profiles easily. Some profiles are easy to track and some may take some time. But you should make it sure that it’s not fake before you get contacted with them.

Which one may be fake profiles:

*** I don’t want to mean that everyone as them is fake, they will first check well before giving any decision. I also don’t want to harm anyone’s personality or reputation. This Article is only for education purpose.***

Here are some symptoms or pattern of the fake profiles:

  • A profile picture has a very younger attractive looking lady/man. (generally, they send you a connection invite)
  • The profile picture is a non-human, celebrity or often they have unclear pictures.
  • There the profile doesn’t have any profile details.
  • The details of that person mismatch with your profile.
  • The profile details claim that it is one of a well-known or very high profile person’s.
  • The number of connections is huge or too little.
  • The number of endorsement.
  • Not having premium baggage or logo.
  • The number of groups.
  • Lower case first and last name.
  • Minimally filled out the profile with a large number of groups.
  • Generic company name.
  • Rhythmic names
  • Implausible work experience.
  • Ivy league education

Mostly they are self-employed or freelance or recruiter.

So, when you get any of the above clues, do a short research with the profile and you can reveal the truth.

  1. The most useful and killer process is Profile Image Cross Verification. In this process, you have to cross check the image of the profile on any search engine by image search. Yu can use Google Image SearchTin EyeBingSmall SEO Tools There are many tools available by which you can so the same. I have done a Google search for your reference.

Google Image Search process:

  • Open the LINK.
  • Click on the CAMERA ( ) icon beside Keyword (text search value) place.

A new popup window will be there. Asking for Image URL or Upload the Image.

  • Now if you have the image URL then paste it otherwise click on “Upload an image” tab and click on choose file and browse for the image on your computer and click on open.
  • Now Google will search by this Image and shows you result.
  • Check & Analyze those results.
  1. Another great way is to hunt down a picture of the genuine individual utilizing organization and employment title and see what you get, other than the potential fake single picture, this will frequently give you the genuine people picture and character.
  2. You should check details of that profile carefully. If there are no details, then It might be a fake. Search that profile in Google or other social media to make it sure.
  3. When a connection request comes to you from an unknown person and that person isn’t linked to you in any way then you may be in danger of data or privacy. Why an unknown person who has no need in any field with you want to contact with you?
  4. You have received a connection request; the profile details claim that it is one of a well-known or very high profile person’s. Now just think one thing, a high-profile person why send you connection request?
  5. Check the number of connection of this profile. If it is too small or too huge number of then it may be a fake account. Because either most people didn’t accept connection request or owner of the profile have sent more and more request randomly to make the list huge.
  6. You should check Number of endorsement of that profile. Most of the fake IDs don’t have huge endorsement because generally people endorse to their known people or they worked with.
  7. I the profile don’t have premium baggage or logo then it might be a fake. Whenever we got a premium account, we have to pay them only by our bank account or PayPal.
  8. Generally, fakes join a huge number of groups to add more peoples.
  9. When we write our name, we use upper and lower case both (Like Pallab Deb). Some of the fakes make a big mistake here.
  10. When you see a profile with minimum filled out and that profile is in many groups that profile has the maximum chance of being a fake.
  11. A profile which shows that owner only worked in all generic companies will be on the fake list. What you think will it be the only coincidence? I don’t think so.
  12. The owner of fake profiles generally uses either rhythmic or difficult names. E.g. Steve Stevenson, David Davidson, Emily Sylvia
  13. When the profile sending you connection request and it has Implausible work experience. It may be 90% fake because if it is real then the owner of that profile may not send you the connection request.
  14. Ivy league education and working as mid-level position. E.g. freelancer, Sales manager coordinator etc.
  15. Mostly they are self-employed or freelance or recruiter or independent and also sometimes they even don’t have a correct designation.
  16. Most of the fake profile who has details copy their summary or other details from other’s profile. So, you can check this by copying the details and search in google under double quote. (“copied text”)
  17. Even some of them don’t have proper skills in their profile. Why some of the real people why give them endorsement I can’t understand.

I have collected some profile for your reference, you can have a look on them.

Source of samples: SymantecLinkedINsights,

Lisa Sinapi, Violet Tange, Hazel Fisher, Deryk Lane, Alex Flood.

You can get more details about those profiles from the source so I gave the links…


*Stat based on Internetlivestats

Let us know your valuable thought.

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